The main Utsav(festival) is in the month of ‘Vrischika’ which starts from the star of ‘Avittam’ to end with a special ‘Aarattu’ on the day of ‘Karthika’.These days are marked for great celebrations,decorations and processions accompanied by play of musical instruments and among these,the most important event is the ‘Ekadasivilakku’ on the 6th day of Utsav. ‘Seeveli’ featuring fifteen elephants,’Pancharimelam’, ‘Jhambamelam’,'Panchavadyam,’Melam’etc. are some of the interesting events.Sree Subramanya’s most favourite item during Utsav is ‘Kurathiyattom’.Besides,Utsav Balidarshan on the 7th day,’Karthikavilakku’ on the day of ‘Aarattu are also exciting.

Other important days

‘Skanda Shashti’ in the month of ‘Thulam’ and ‘Thaippuyam’ in ‘Makaram’ are important forĀ  ‘Kavadi’ Abhishekam.Persons coming from different parts of the place holding colourful Kavadis,accompanied by loud music join inside the temple and offer prayers to the lord.A lot of devotees come to the temple on the invocation day which falls in the month of ‘Medam’ on the day of ‘Rohini’.

The other rituals include daily ‘Ganapathihomam’,Illamnira’,'Bhagavathiseva’ etc. In the month of ‘Karkkidaka’,'Astadravya Ganapathihomam’ on the 1st day of ‘Vrischika’,'Navarathri’ in ‘Kanni’ and ‘Sivarathri’ in ‘Kumbham’.