It is said that a Perumal who placed the idol of ‘Andava’(Muruga)in a ‘Padaiveedu’ at Pazhani had constructed  a number of such ‘Padaiveedu’ in many parts of Kerala for Muruga worshipping.The soul of Muruga which was lying in ‘Chemmanda’,being one among the old 32 Brahmin villages,was taken for invocation at Pazhani;and it is beleived as the first invocation of ‘Sree Subramanya’ in Kerala.History proves that another such event was taken place in Kuzhoor(Thrissur dist)immediately.

The idol here is in the nature of ‘Balaswamy’.The ‘Sannidhanam’ consists of three storeyed ‘Sreekovil’ facing east,’Valiyambalam’,'Chuttambalam’,'Balippura’ and ‘Oottupura’.The main festival in this temple starts from the star of ‘Avittam’ in the month of ‘Vrischika’  ending with an ‘Aarattu’ and ‘Karthikavilakku’.The other festivals include ‘Skandashashti’ in ‘Thulam’,'Thaippuyam’ in ‘Makaram’,Invocation day  which is celebrated on the star of ‘Rohini’ in the month of ‘Medam’.

The other notable events as far this temple is concerned include  daily’Ganapathi Homam’  ,Illam nira’ and ‘Bhagavathiseva’ during the month of ‘Karkkidaka’,'Ashtadravya Ganapathi Homam’ on the 1st day of the month ‘Vrischika’,'Thiruvonam in ‘Chingam’,'Navarathri’ in ‘Kanni’,'Sivarathri’ in ‘Kumbham’ and ‘Vishu’ in ‘Medam’.

The idol in the form of Bala Bramchari is not offered prayers by ladies ,straight from the threshold of the temple.the Upadevas(Subordinate dieties) in the temple include Ganapathi,Siva,Sastha,Nagaraja and Brahmarakshas.